Rim and Tire Repair

There are many benefits to letting us help you find the perfect new or used rims for your vehicle!

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Rim and Tire Repair | I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. : Forest Park, GA

At I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. we are committed to providing our Atlanta customers with affordable solutions for restoring the appeal of their wheels. We provide a full range of professional rim and tire repair services that will get your wheels looking as good as new without finding yourself in debt. Our professional rim technicians have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver services including repairs, refinishing, polishing, and painting for all styles of rims that you have installed on your vehicle.

To guarantee that our customers get the best possible results for their rim and tire repair services that they entrust to the team here at I.C.E. Motorsports Inc., we have pulled out all of the punches. Our shop is equipped with the latest and greatest as far as technology and equipment are of concern. You will find that we are capable of transforming even the most worn out and damaged rims into wheels that will have every head spinning.

I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. strives to provide our customers with timely results for all of their rim and tire repair service needs. The complexity of services required for your rims will determine the length of service time. We do work diligently to deliver the personal attention that is required to get your rims looking their best and provide the results that will compliment your vehicle. Our expert rim technicians are able to make exact color matches for all make and model vehicles including early models, collectibles, and even foreign imports that you like to show off.

Are you thinking of trading in or selling your vehicle? Wait! Before you get a quote on the value of your vehicle, stop on in to I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. You will find that by having rim services performed on your vehicle will increase its value tremendously. You will also find that you will have more interest in the vehicle from buyers everywhere.