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Auto Repair | I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. : Forest Park, GA

While I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. is well known throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas of Georgia for our supreme rim products and services that we offer; our company is equally dedicated to providing our customers with professional auto repair services as well. You will find that we staff expert automotive mechanics within our shop that can handle even the most complex services required for your vehicle. This is just one of the many ways that we show our commitment to the safety and dependability of the automobiles our friends and neighbors depend on.

With the constant changes that take place in the automotive repair industry, it is sometimes difficult to find a technician that can handle the repair needs of early model, high tech, or foreign import vehicles within our community. You can trust the commitment that is available here at I.C.E. Motorsports Inc. We have invested in stocking our shop with the latest equipment that can handle even the most high tech vehicles out there. Our technicians have an impeccable record for auto repairs they have performed on early model vehicles, high tech vehicles, and even the most desired foreign imports that are driven in our community.

When bringing your vehicle into the shop here at I.C.E. Motorsports Inc., our technicians will perform a thorough inspection on your vehicle to find out exactly what is going on to cause your vehicle to show signs of wear. As a business entity that believes in conducting our business based on traditional values, you will find that we will provide you with solutions that meet these needs. There are no high sales pitches that you will have to listen to.

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